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Pay per Impression - CPM

CPM (Cost Per Impression) advertising is considered the optimal form of selling online advertising from the publisher's point of view. A publisher gets paid for each ad that is shown. CPM and/or Flat rate advertising deals are preferred by the Publisher/Webmaster because they will get paid regardless of any action taken.  For Online Advertising, the numbers of views can be a lot more precise. When a user requests a Web Page, the originating server creates a log entry.  Also, a third party tracker can be placed in the web page to verify how many accesses that page had.


We collected the best online reputable companies that pays reasonable rates and makes prompt payments

Burst Direct is an advertising sales solution to help sell excess online advertising space for web publishers. Burst Direct is an opportunity for web publishers in all genres to generate revenue from their site traffic. Backed by Burst Media’s quality technology, intuitive tools, and dedicated sales and service teams, you will be able to run a number of performance-driven campaigns across your site.

Benefits of Burst Direct include:
They provide a large number of campaigns to help you achieve a high fill rate. Burst Direct’s tools are intuitive and easy to use. You can be up and running within a few hours. Your statistics will be updated hourly so that you can gauge performance throughout the day.
Popunders, 468 x 60 Banners, 728 x 90 Banners, 120 x 600 Banners, 160 x 600 Banners, 300x250 Banners, 125x125 Banners.
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Kitara Media is a leader in online targeted marketing, serving millions of impressions and generating thousands of leads for our advertisers.

Kitara Media's targeted marketing model combines our powerful optimization and targeting technology with relevant media inventory and best of breed advertisers to achieve positive results. Relevancy is the key to how we achieve this success.  When a person clicks a message from us they are often looking specifically for the exact message they deliver. This optimization and targeting ability achieves a much better conversion rate and lead quality.
In addition, Kitara Media owns and operates dozens of popular and targeted web site properties which enable us to contextually achieve relevant results for our advertisers.
They are proud of what we have achieved and excited to work with you..

Kitara Media builds successful relationships with web site publishers who want a complete advertising solution for their web site property. They are proud to offer the following:
Rapid and reliable payment every 30 days
Outstanding payment terms.
Real-time online reporting of your activity and earnings
Five advertising IAB standard formats: Banners, Leaderboards, Squares, Skyscrapers, Pops
Maximum control of advertiser creative
Hundreds of quality advertisers
Responsive personal customer service and support

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The AdJug exchange is a real-time, auction-based exchange for display advertising. Publishers and advertisers trade available inventory and advertising in a transparent environment allowing choice, control and visibility to all parties.
Publishers use AdJug: to generate incremental revenue from current inventory, to gain access to unscheduled campaigns and budgets of advertisers who want to target their inventory, to take control of which advertisers and campaigns appear around your content, to complement their sales strategy while not cannibalising their sales team efforts
Keep your existing ad network - Works in tandem with your current ad sales efforts, technology and partnerships.

Sell advertising through AdJug
AdJug allows you to sell your ad spaces directly to advertisers through an open exchange on a CPM basis. It allows you to benefit from the true and actual performance of your ad slot without being diluted as part of a network.
Total control on pricing: you decide how much you want an advertiser to pay for your ad slot. You can keep your existing relationship with an ad network, as AdJug ads will only display when your asking price has been met. The auction of your ad space continues even after the asking price has been met therefore increasing the value of the space over time.
Total control over ad relevancy: no one knows your site better than you. As good as technology may be, it cannot overcome human intuition. By tagging your ad spaces manually and optimising it over time, you retain total control over the ads that are displayed.

Build long term relationships: eliminate unexpected drops in revenue by proving your inventory to advertisers on a 1-to-1 basis. This allows you to create a much more sustainable business that has demonstrable value.
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Let the Adversal Network manage your ad space and you'll never have to worry about your inventory going unsold again.

Not only do they offer a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100's of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges.
Multiple Ad Formats, 100% Fill Rate, Minimum $20 Payments, PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire, Net 35 Terms, Affiliate Program.

Your site must:
have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month
not host content that delivers malware or browser hijacks/redirects
not host or link to copyright infringing (pirated/illegal) material
not contain or link to adult content
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A quality website needs a good return.
If you are a webmaster and have free space on your site or you wish to add or replace a single ad space on it, they can provide you with qualified ads of national and international advertisers.

If you become an OxaMedia publisher, they can give you a high eCPM for each banner zone.
If you sign up today, you will credited with a € 25 welcome bonus on your account.

Multiple Ad Formats
Affiliate Program.
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Add new revenue streams to your website without adding clutter using our world class publisher solutions.

High Paying Brands
Get paid for displaying their ads on your website with the help of their advanced algorithm they show ads relevant to your readers interests. As a result you have a high chance of getting your clicks converted into conversions and make you earn much more. Their Popup ads opens up in a new window hidden under your visitor’s current browser, so from our Popup Ads you can earn without adding clutter to your website.

Make Money From Clicks And Conversions
Their experienced advertising sales team works around the clock to provide you with advertisements from the leading Brands all over the world. provides you with high quality CPM and Popunder/Popup ads assuring of a Higher Pay out. Be rest assured to work with the best CPM and popup advertising network.

You can be assured of the highest industry rates and the best global coverage. They have over 1000’s of advertisers all over the world assuring you of a 100% fill up of your ad space, making you earn much more than other Ad Networks.

High Paying Brands
Their experienced advertising sales team works around the clock to provide you with advertisements from the leading Brands all over the world. provides you with high quality CPM and Popunder/Popup ads assuring of a Higher Pay out.

Customize features several advanced tools for Publishers which can customize the layouts of the Banner Ads, in order to make the Banners fit to your website’s Design. These Customised banners will make you more profit as these Ads look like they are a part of your website.

They pay out every 15 days with a minimum a $5 in your account via PayPal. Unlike other network’s we don’t keep Pay outs high such as $50 or $100 because we believe you should get what you deserve.
Webmaster Earn High Income From Your Website. Join Free!


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