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Pay per Impression - CPM

CPM (Cost Per Impression) advertising is considered the optimal form of selling online advertising from the publisher's point of view. A publisher gets paid for each ad that is shown. CPM and/or Flat rate advertising deals are preferred by the Publisher/Webmaster because they will get paid regardless of any action taken.  For Online Advertising, the numbers of views can be a lot more precise. When a user requests a Web Page, the originating server creates a log entry.  Also, a third party tracker can be placed in the web page to verify how many accesses that page had.

We collected the best online reputable companies that pays reasonable rates and makes prompt payments

Full-stack Ad Monetization Platform
They are a sell side ad technology company providing holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. By integrating ad serving for display, mobile, video, header wrapper capabilities, and outstream functionality into one holistic stack, they have established a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic buyers..

AI yield optimization algorithm - Omnichannel and cross-platform - Transparent and unique trading platform

The company is headquartered in London, U.K and expanding geographies around the World.

The Time for Publisher Ad Technology Independence is Now
The programmatic and data revolution has ushered in a new era of efficiency for advertisers but at a significant cost to the media owners.

Many publishers have ceded their independence in order to achieve revenue growth through a series of complicated relationships with demand partners and intermediaries. In doing so publishers have lost control of the process of selling their audience to buyers, once the cornerstone of their business model.

They are designing a demand pathway optimization solution that returns transparency, control, and margin to publishers via a standalone intermediation platform.

Make your inventory available to hundreds of DSPs and trading desks, and the tens of thousands of advertisers they represent. With MediaFem, you can rest assured you’re getting brand protection and quality content.

MediaFem's real time bidding (RTB) technologies help you monetize your audience for greater yield on impressions. And our seamless integrations help you reach thousands of new buyers.

Automate the process of packaging, negotiating and executing reserved premium buys. MediaFem enables you to use your first-party data and sell reserved audiences to buyers in demand.

Deliver world-class campaigns from brands that we have vetted and you can trust. MediaFem uses a diversified approach to measure the quality of every demand source we allow on to our platform.

Choose from a wide variety of placement types that are completely customizable to your site layout and design. MediaFem offers advanced header bidding solutions to maximize the impact of real-time bidding.

Client-side, server side or hybrid with multiple hosting options.
We’ll help you test and measure to optimize your setup.
Solutions for desktop, mobile and video.

Dedicated Account Manager
All publishers are assigned a dedicated account manager to handle everything from ad operations support to troubleshooting and everything in between.

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The Moneytizer maximizes your website's advertising revenue. Our Header Bidding technology allows the world's largest advertisers to compete for each of your ad spaces. Always get the best CPM with The Moneytizer!

Header Bidding
Create competition among various demand resources in order to provide you with the most value. You can expect optimal performance from our dynamic floor prices and custom algorithm.

Smart Ad Refresh
Benefit from increased impressions with our ad refresh technology. Only viewable ads will be refreshed at an interval.

Easy Setup
Once accepted we will handle all optimizations so that you can continue to focus on what you do best.

Ad Quality
We strive to provide the highest quality ads possible. All ads on our network are protected against redirects, pop-ups, malicious downloads and are also brand safe.

Contract Free
If we're not the right fit, you may opt out of our network at anytime.

Unified Reporting
Unified reporting allows you to gain helpful insights into your revenue, available at the click of a button.

Wordpress Plugin
We are determined to make things simple. Our Wordpress plugin makes it easy for you to place ads, see statistics, request new ad units and more.

Dedicated Account Manager
All publishers are assigned a dedicated account manager to handle everything from ad operations support to troubleshooting and everything in between.

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A quality website needs a good return.
If you are a webmaster and have free space on your site or you wish to add or replace a single ad space on it, they can provide you with qualified ads of national and international advertisers.

If you become an OxaMedia publisher, they can give you a high eCPM for each banner zone.
If you sign up today, you will credited with a € 25 welcome bonus on your account.

Multiple Ad Formats
Affiliate Program.

Webmaster Earn High Income From Your Website. Join Free!


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