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SEO Software: the Free Edition. SEO Software “Web CEO”: 12 SEO Tools in One Powerful SEO Suite. Web CEO is the most complete SEO software package on the planet; plus, our SEO software offers more for free than any other software package or suite for SEO. Web CEO is a world leading software toolkit for search engine optimization and site promotion. Web CEO helps you significantly increase search engine traffic, implement the latest search engine strategies and win by having all SEO tools in one handy suite.

Web CEO offers more with its Free Edition than any other SEO software on the planet. In fact, you can use all tools of their software package completely free and without time limitations, with only some functional restrictions.

It's more than enough to evaluate their SEO software, and completely enough for non-critical SEO missions targeting averagely competitive keywords.

The key features of their free SEO software:
No time limits. Not a “trial” or “evaluation”—just the free software as it should be. Unlimited websites. Promote as many websites as you need with our software. Free training with every copy. Your login details to the online self-study environment are sent to you as soon as you register. Tech support. They provide free and fast technical support even with the Free Edition of our SEO Software.

This new version of Web CEO introduces many functions to improve SEO workflow and meets so many of the expectations of their users that we can call it ’User Choice’.
In Web CEO, you can enjoy the new Advanced Position History report giving the most complete idea of your Search Engine Positioning history for all keywords in all search engines. The Keyword tool has been completely updated and now it provides the most reliable data for keyword research. The updated Partner Finder tool will notify you if your link partners’ pages are dropped by a major search engine.

Get suggestions for new keywords relevant to your business and research your own keywords.
Unique keyword base to research and select.  

Submission to top hand-picked and valid search engines and directories.

First-hand SEO experience embodied in SEO advice. 

Site quality reports to improve your site user-friendliness and encourage bots.

HTML Editor with instantaneous SEO analysis. 

Site availability monitoring, alerts and reports.

Best-of-breed tracking/reporting of site rankings and link popularity.

Affordable advanced Web analytics package.

Automated creation of link partnerships. 

Access to on-line Training Course to get knowledge on advanced aspects of Search Engine Marketing and Organic Optimization plus certification. 

Get comprehensive real-time visitor reports.

Keyword Suggestion. Search our database for related keywords, put them through detailed competitiveness analysis and pick out the best choices for your site. 

Optimization Advice and Environment. Get a clear, detailed and exact advice on how to tweak a web page for your keyword then apply this advice in a specialized page editor. 

Search Engine Submission. Auto-submit the optimized pages to major search engines around the world.
Also, facilitate manual submissions through a friendly interface. 

Ranking Check. Get comprehensive ranking reports for multiple engines and keywords.
Collect ranking history and build trends.

Industry safest human emulation techniques ensure you will not be banned by the search engines for automated queries.

Link Popularity Analysis.
Analyze how many links you get from other sites and how good these links are for your rankings.
Research your competition and top sites and spy their linking strategy. 

Traffic Analysis.
Collect accurate statistics of referring keywords and engines, link partners, ad campaigns, visitors and their navigation, popular pages etc. — anything you need to manage and improve your web marketing activities.

Partner Finder (NEW!).
A new powerful tool that helps look for potential link exchange partners, evaluate their websites and manage your correspondence with the website owners.

PPC Campaigns Manager (NEW!).
A new tool that allows you to take control of your paid search campaigns: register new accounts with the PPC search engines, and easily manage existing ones.

Site Uptime Monitoring Service — to get alerted when your site is down.

Upload HTML and other files to your server.

Pinpoint broken links and other errors on your site.

Edit your Web pages in the WYSIWYG mode. 

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