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Add something  to Your  Web Site

In this area you will find a variety of informations to help make Yours web pages more advanced and fun to use!
Here You will get articles and tutorials, free mini tools, free clipart and audio clips, free scripts and fonts archive, free Java scripts and Java applets, free Web counters and Web site monitoring service!  You don't need to know how to program!  Just download the script or applet you want to use... add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs! Authors from around the world have generously provided cool, useful stuff for your site... for free! 

And if you don't have a Website, get one here - for free!

Here You will have everything you need - from start to finish!

Animated GIFs: Animals, Buttons, People, Flags, Computer & Internet.  Interfaces: Business, Science Fiction, Menus, All Interfaces.  Photos: Animals, Buildings, Landscape, Nature, Transportation.  Other Graphics: Arrows, Banners, Backgrounds, Bars, Bullets, Buttons.  Icons: Animals, Computer, Flags, Symbols, Holidays & Occasions.  Graphic Sets: Business, Cultural, Ornamental, Nature, Holidays & Occasions.  Clip Art: Animals, Food, Office, People, Sport & Leisure.  Generic Logos: Alphabet, Industry.  Wallpapers: 3D, Planet, Comics, Landscape, Season, All Wallpapers.  Greeting Cards: Animated cards, Non-animated cards.
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Every business that has made an investment in their Web site needs to know when their site is not available - yet most online businesses have no idea if their site is down. InternetSeer is more than just the largest Web site monitoring company in the world. Before nternetSeer, the high cost of Web site monitoring kept it out of reach for the vast majority of businesses. InternetSeer provides the same high value service at an extremely low price or free!. InternetSeer is the world's largest provider of Web site monitoring services and today we monitor Web sites around the clock for more than 1.4 million Subscribers in more than 50 countries. Start now monitoring your Web site!
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Free Web Counter
Use  FREE Web Counters for your existing web site or redirect your domains to their parking pages to receive comprehensive statistics for your site or domain names. is the only FREE counter provider that PAYS YOU with money or traffic. offers two types of counters. They have a basic visual counter and web site statistics counter.  Basic web page counter or hit counter  comes in many counter colors and counts a running total of traffic hits to your website. The web site statistics offers in-depth website traffic analysis. Choose a transparent web tracker or a banner advertisement counter which will track session paths and dozens of other key traffic trends. Web site statistics are extremely easy to install and can be used on multiple pages on one site. Moreover: Promote your site with their banner exchange program.  Earn points, make money and generate traffic all with one tool!
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Bravenet is the number one provider of free web tools in the world, and ranked among the top 50 visited websites worldwide! More than 5 million registered members enjoy Bravenet services, and over 20 million unique visitors access a Bravenet product each month. But they aren't stopping there. They have more great tools and exciting services planned to ensure that remains the top resource for free webmaster information, tools and products on the Internet.
Bravenet's dedicated and talented staff is continually developing exciting new services and upgrading our existing tools. We realize the Web is continually changing, and we continue to change and grow right along with it.
Bravenet  takes pride in offering the fastest, most customizable and user friendly tools for your Website and here you will find a variety of information to help make your web pages more advanced and fun to use.
If you don't have a Website, get one here - for FREE! We have everything you need - from start to finish.
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Applets,Slider, Slipper, SlideWays, NewsMaker, News, NavajoMenu,i Panner, SnapShot, iFrame, Gutenberg, Shaman, iBanner, Voice, Quasar, iScroll, PunchMe, The YAK, SimpleClick, iPopper. Hot Tools,PopUp Maker code generator, CodeLifter page-code ripper, Scrollbar Styler, more... tons of *free* JavaScript! Software, Nova Applets, Java Help, Classics, Java Kits, Java Sounds, JavaScript, PerlScripts, Users Page, Free Stuff, Archives, Links & Resources.
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Java File
Your one stop shop for FREE Java Scripts and Java Applets on the Net! Add something WILD to your Web Site... add some Java! You don't need to know how to program! Just download the script or applet you want to use... add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs. Java authors from around the world have generously provided cool, useful stuff for your site... FOR FREE! JavaFile has a found a great way to track links on your web site! Stay tuned  for many new and exciting features at the JavaFile! Stay up to date with all the changes by joining their mailing list which offer great script ideas and tricks - enjoy!
They willl show you some neat things you can  do on your website, that will surely impress your visitors.
Sign up today and we'll keep you up to date on new and improved java and javascripts from the Javafile!
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Free Clipart, Images and Animated Gifs,  Backgrounds, Borders, Buttons,  Holydays, Lines, Precious Moments,  Bullets, Clipart, Patriotic, Seasons.
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Animations-Galoreis the home to tons of completely free clipart animations and avatars perfect for a myspace profile. There are no pop-ups, misleading links, or doorway pages so feel free to begin browsing with the categories to the left.
Many of the gif animations found in our gallery can be used as avatars or on your website.
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Free Webmaster Resources
It is a website of free webmaster resources and tools for your web  development needs, over 1400 Directory
resources for your web development  needs, and insightfull articles/tips.
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Free Programming Resources
Webmaster Resources: HTML Resources, CSS Resources, DHTML Tutorials, xHTML Resources, Flash Resources, Dreamweaver tutorials, Front Page, tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, Fireworks tutorials, GIMP tutorials, Paint Shop Pro tutorials,  Free FTP Clients, SSH / Telnet Clients, HTML Validators, Free Webmaster Forums, Web Link Checkers / Validators, Remotely Hosted Resources, Free Webpage Templates.
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There are over 300 pages of tutorials, reference materials, and other free resources located on this site. Free for the Taking: Free perl CGI Script Archive. Scripts for your site such as e-cards, survey, form submission, guest book, error trapping and more. Free Graphics. Lots of bullets, icons, backgrounds, & bars. Coordinated Graphics Sets. Themed graphic sets to perk up your site. Software Tools. Free tools to help you build and maintain your site. Web Tutorials & Tricks.
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If you have a Web site of your own, or if you're thinking of starting one up, you'll be pleased to know that there are many free resources out there that offer useful Web site features and site enhancements. Below, we offer a roundup of the Web's best freebies and free services for Webmasters. These include free stats services, message boards, site promotion services, free site-building software, site revenue generators, page monitoring services, and much more.
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Free Web Master Resources
Free web master resources, web master tools, Templates, Themes, Banners, Buttons, Graphics, Clip Art, Photo's meta tag generator, Google page rank check, php, html, java scripts, icons and tutorials. You will also find forum software, CMS software, as well as various E-Commerce software. They also have a webmaster support forum.
They list free resources and free software that they have used and found to be great. The software and resources they list all have good support readily available should you encounter any problems.
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