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InternetSeer is the world's largest website monitoring service, providing accurate and reliable free website monitoring to over 1.3 million websites worldwide. When your site goes down - even for a few short minutes - prospects, customers and clients go elsewhere and your sales go with them. In short, your business is dead in the water. You can't monitor your web site 24/7, but they can. For even better protection, they offer advanced 5, 15 or 30 minute checking though their advanced monitoring service.

Easily How it works

Their monitoring systems remotely check your website from several geographic monitoring stations at selected intervals.
If the monitoring system is unable to reach the site, an email, cell phone or pager alert is sent to notify you of the problem. Some of the key web site monitoring services available include:

Availability Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Link and Image Checking
Transaction Monitoring
Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting                                                          

Site Monitoring Features                                         InternetSeer                                          @Watch Advanced Monitoring

Monitoring Frequency                                               24x per day                                                          30/15/5 minutes

Monitored Protocols                                                       HTTP                                         TTP, HTTPS, SMTP. POP3 and other Ports

Monitored Processes                                              Completes a                                    Authentication, HTML/CGI-based login,
                                                                                     HEAD request                                   HTTP/FORM, Post,Text String Validation
                                                                                     (1k html text)                                            and Transactional Processes

Reports                                                                            Weekly                                          Daily, Weekly and Monthly and available
                                                                                                                                                                    online for 90 days

Alert Contact                                                           Email, text, pager                             SMS cell phone & pager email, fax. Add-on 
                                                                                                                                            service available: Atwatch 24/7 Live Advanced

Number of contacts                                        Unlimited, no added cost                                     Unlimited, no added cost

Alert Frequency                                                          Immediate                                                      Immediate or Verified

False Alarm Protection                                                    Yes                                             Alert Confirmation Protocol Protection

Service Plans                                                       Standard                 Advanced                  Pro                Enterprise

Availability Reports                                                   OK                             OK                         OK                        OK

Master Account Maintenance                                 OK                             OK                         OK                        OK

Variable Time zone Reporting                                                                  OK                         OK                        OK

Custom Reports using                                                                               OK                         OK                        OK
Client Name and Logo 

Customer Report Portal                                                                             OK                         OK                        OK

Suspension Scheduler                                                                               OK                         OK                        OK

Link Check                                                                                                                                  OK                        OK

Image check                                                                                                                               OK                        OK

Broken Link Reporting                                                                                                             OK                        OK

Hacker Check                                                                                                                                                          OK

User Performance Report                                                                                                                                     OK

DNS Monitoring                                                                                                                                                        OK

Pricing                                                                      Standard                   Advanced                Pro                Enterprise

60 Minute Checking                                                   FREE      

30 Minute Checking                                                    N/A                      $12.99 / mo.        $21.99 / mo.       $33.99 / mo.

15 Minute Checking                                                    N/A                      $21.99 / mo.        $29.99 / mo.       $37.99 / mo.

5 Minute Checking                                                      N/A                      $33.99 / mo.        $41.99 / mo.       $49.99 / mo.

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