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Pay per Sale

Pay per Sale is a method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every sale provided through
his/her efforts. Some businesses owe much of their growth and success to this marketing technique, one example being Amazon, especially small and midsize businesses. Some merchants run their own affiliate programs while others use third party services provided by intermediaries to track traffic or sales that are referred from affiliates. Merchants can choose from two different types of affiliate management solutions standalone software or hosted services typically called affiliate networks.

However, unlike display advertising, affiliate marketing is not easily scalable. Currently the most active sectors for affiliate marketing are the adult, gambling and retail sectors.

The three sectors expected to experience the greatest growth are the mobile phone, finance and travel sectors. Hot on the heels of these are the entertainment (particularly gaming) and internet-related services (particularly broadband) sectors. Some advertisers offer multi-tier programs that distribute commission into a hierarchical referral network of sign-ups and sub-partners.

We collected the best online reputable companies that pays reasonable rates and makes prompt payments

Commission Junction's network, the CJ Marketplace, provides publishers with opportunities to partner with leading advertisers while having access to millions of links and offers. Commission Junction provides transparency by publishing the performance metrics of all advertisers, their respective ads as well as publishers within the CJ Marketplace. Additionally, strategic advice and featured weekly advertiser offers are available to CJ Marketplace publishers through CJU, their comprehensive online resource. Top-performing publishers who qualify have a distinct advantage in meeting their objectives and getting maximum return for their efforts with our CJ Performer solution.
Commission Junction is committed to maintaining a high quality pay-for-performance environment.
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Turn your valuable website traffic into income now by driving customers to the many thousands of Merchants using the clixGalore Affiliate Marketing network. Start earning commission now for the sales you generate for their Merchants. You may promote their Merchants using both text or graphic advertisements, including the many professional marketing tools they provide to you. Alternatively using the 'Instant Website Builder' tool, located in your clixGalore Member Home area, you can easily and instantly generate promotional web pages containing their Merchant's products. You may use these professional styled pages to promote their Merchant's products and earn commission for the sales generated. Signup free now and join the many other tens of thousands of Affiliates who earn commission from their valuable website traffic.
Join their FREE program and you will earn 5% commission for life from all the Affiliates that your refer to clixGalore. You will earn this commission for the active life of all the Affiliate accounts you refer. You will also earn the following for each Merchant you refer:
$99.5 for each 'Corporate Platinum' Merchant you refer, $50 for each 'Enterprise Gold' Merchant you refer, $37.5 for each 'Business Silver' Merchant you refer, $7.5 for each 'Bronze' Merchant you refer, $4.5 for each 'Instant Traffic Pool' Merchant you refer.
Your commission is calculated automatically, so each time an Affiliate you have referred earns commission, you will to!!
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HEALTH PRODUCTSl Affiliate Program
They offer a 50% revenue share and 5% of all referred webmasters making you up to $120.00 per sale. Commission Checks  are sent twice a month on  the 1st and 16th with no  minimums. The sales you generate from the 1st - 15th get paid on the 1st of the following month. The sales you generate from the 16th - 31st get paid on the 16th of the following month.  Unlike most affiliate programs, we track sales and commissions on all Phone and Mail Orders . No other program can compete with our exclusive tracking capabilities and honest payout system.
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Since 1996, LinkShare has been a pioneer in online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. LinkShare is the trusted third-party that brings together both merchants and affiliates. They track and report on every ad or placement in their network, send monthly payments to affiliates, and provide services and tools that help merchants and affiliates optimize their performance.
Affiliates and merchants choose LinkShare because of their reliable and accurate tracking technology. Their patented tracking technology is not cookie-based and therefore, does not fall prey to the tracking discrepancies that often result from cookies. LinkShare's robust technology ensures that tracking is accurate and complete. Because their technology is web-based, it is easy for affiliates to manage their programs and merchant relationships.
At LinkShare, they know that their community of affiliates is composed of some of the most talented entrepreneurs around. There are many business models, and thousands of stories. Starting in early 2006, LinkShare has been celebrating their affiliate entrepreneurs, congratulating them on their successes and cheering them on by sharing a few of their stories with the world.
LinkShare Affiliate Tools and Solutions
LinkShare has designed the following tools specifically to enable affiliates to make the most of their affiliate marketing experience:
Merchandiser Datafeed - allows affiliates  to download individual product links to  their website without having to manually  create links to each product carried by a  merchant.
Signature - offers affiliates the ability to track down to the transaction level of each individual member, organization or sub-site.
Dynamic Rich Media (DRM) - lets merchants create more effective creative content and pushes those updates to affiliate sites, so affiliates don't have to change their code.
Start earning more from your website by becoming a LinkShare affiliate. LinkShare is free to join and easy to use.
They offer comprehensive affiliate support through a variety of channels including online FAQs, email and live chat.
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Affiliates maximize your website revenue by promoting our offers/campaigns from our vast network of Advertisers and turn your website into a money making machine... the only fastest growing Online Advertising Affiliate Network with thousands of Afilliates and hundreds of Offers/Campaigns.
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